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Beginner’s Corner September 2019

Preparing for the Inevitable     In the years I have belonged to GARS, over eleven years now, we have had a few silent keys (SK), or ham radio operators who have passed away. Some of them have passed suddenly. Yes, we miss them, but we realize that we will all have to go sometime. […]

Beginner’s Corner August 2019

Some of my Favorite YouTubers   Last time we took a look at some webcasters. Now let’s take a look at some Youtubers who don’t have regular webcasts or those who make videos in addition to their regular webcasts. First on the list is Dave Casler, KE0OG. You can find him on YouTube by typing […]

Beginner’s Corner July 2019

Youtube Channels Revisited     It has been a while since we have covered all the amateur radio programs available on the internet, so I thought I might make a thorough review and update everyone on some new programs out there. Tuesdays at 8 pm means that it is time for the W5KUB “Amateur Radio […]

Beginner’s Corner June 2019

Create Your Own OTA         We have spent a number of columns of late sharing some of the On-the-Air programs designed to get you out of your “shack” and get on the air. First, we will look at an unusual OTA program, Walmart Parking Lots on The Air (WMPLOTA,”. “Walmart parking lots”, […]

Beginner’s Corner May 2019

Lighthouses on the Air       This time we will look at one of the last “OTA” programs that we are aware of, Lighthouses on The Air. Lighthouses have fascinated people on land, as well as on sea. One of the earliest lighthouses was in the Roman Empire. There is some romanticism about a lonely […]