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Beginner’s Corner March 2019

Islands of Fun   We will take a look at the Islands of the Air, another of the fine OTA programs, but before we do, there is a program that covers U. S. islands that bears mentioning first. The US Islands Program has announced its 25th anniversary this year. I’ll bet you didn’t even know […]

Beginner’s Corner February 2019

Climb to New Heights with SOTA Part II      Stone Mountain is the nearest SOTA summit.  Kennesaw Mountain and Brasstown Bald are also good spots.  You can drive to Kennesaw Mountain National Park. (it can also count as a Park on the Air.) Call before you go and let them know you are coming.  […]

Beginner’s Corner January 2019

Climb to New Heights with SOTA By KJ4CMY   We continue our series on portable operations by looking at SOTA, Summits on the Air. According to the web site (, SOTA is “an awards scheme for radio amateurs that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas”.    This doesn’t mean you have to climb miles up […]

Beginner’s Corner December 2018

  Hams Helping Hams    This column has started has discussing different organizations that encourage hams to get out and operate portable.  We will continue that theme in a couple months, but something has come up to make me pause and reflect on another aspect of amateur radio for this month.  This is the part […]

Beginner’s Corner November 2018

Parks on the Air, Part II    Last time we discussed the Parks on the Air (POTA) Program. Since I wrote that column, several items of note crossed my mind.    First, when you activate a site, any site with any of the “On the Air” programs, keep a logbook. You will be entering the […]

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