Donations to the Club

GARS SK Memorial Fund for Education

The SK Memorial Fund for Education is a Board Restricted account that was established to allow GARS members to remember and honor Silent Keys. The fund is typically used to fund the teacher education program or to purchase a brick in the ARRL Courtyard or make a donation to another ARRL fund as the Board considers appropriate.

Please click on the button below if you would like to donate or you have purchased items from SK items.
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GARS Scholarship Fund

(Administered by the ARRL)

The GARS Scholarship fund is a donor restricted fund. It is funded through the sale of soft drinks and coffee at the monthly meetings. It may only be used to make a donation to the ARRL for the purpose of awarding a scholarship. The club has been fortunate in that anonymous donors have provided funds to ARRL in GARS name that have obviated the need for heavy fund raising in this area; however, The Board from time to time may use monies from the general fund to the scholarship to ensure that the balance at ARRL will fund a respectable scholarship.

Please click on the button below if you would like to donate to the GARS Scholarship Fund administered by the ARRL.

GARS General Fund

Please click on the button below if you would like to donate to the GARS General Fund. Money donated here is unrestricted and can be used on everything from maintaining the repeater systems to all our operating events.

Kroger Community Rewards

Giving more back to the community! Kroger is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper. Year after year, local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations will earn millions of dollars through Kroger Community Rewards.

Click here to log into your Kroger Community Rewards account to select “Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society” to receive your Kroger Community Rewards.

Sign into your account on At the top hover over “Savings and Rewards” and roll down the drop down to “Kroger Community Rewards”.

The next screen has the option to click “I am a customer” in order to enroll.

Then you put the full name of the club in “Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society” and hit enter.


The organization number is 432419.

Thank you for your interest in making a Donation to GARS!