GARS Membership Term

The GARS membership year is a 12 month period based on the month when you joined the club.
Renewals are due 12 months after joining the club or from the time of the previous renewal.
Multi-year memberships are also available.

GARS Membership Dues

Newly Licensed Ham Membership:
(Licensed within the last 12 months)
First Year Free
Youth Membership:
(Age 21 and younger)
Adult Membership:
(Individuals and Family members)
$30/1-Year,  $55/2-Years,  $75/3-Years
Senior Membership:
(Individuals and Family members age 65+)
$15/1-Year,  $25/2-Years,  $30/3-Years
Lifetime Membership:
(Individuals Only)
$350 One-Time Fee


Join or Renew Online

Online GARS Membership Application

Join GARS or renew your GARS membership online. Click on the link above and fill out the online application, and make your payment. Payments are processed by PayPal. You can pay via your PayPal account, or via a major credit card (no PayPal account required).

Join or Renew via a Mail In Form

Download the Printed GARS Membership Application as a PDF and mail it with the appropriate US funds to new address for membership:

P.O. Box 2481
Duluth, GA 30096-0043


GARS Membership Roster

GARS members may request a copy of the GARS membership roster in electronic (PDF) or printed form. Please direct these requests to the: Membership Chairman.

GARS Membership Questions

Please contact the: Membership Chairman.

ARRL Membership

If you wish to join the ARRL, or renew your ARRL membership through GARS, please contact the: Treasurer.

Other Information

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