Beginner’s Corner August 2019

Some of my Favorite YouTubers


Last time we took a look at some webcasters. Now let’s take a look at some Youtubers who don’t have regular webcasts or those who make videos in addition to their regular webcasts.

First on the list is Dave Casler, KE0OG. You can find him on YouTube by typing in either his name or call sign into the search bar on YouTube.  Dave has a plethora of videos on numerous ham radio subjects.  He has license videos for technician through extra class, as well.  His YouTube site is worth checking out, whether you are unlicensed, newly licensed, or you have been an amateur radio operator for years.

Next is Signal Search. “Signal Search” is what you type into YouTube. He has a web site,, as well.  He is in the midst of putting up a tower, and he is sharing his experience with us. Johnny just bought a place in rural Texas and has his own outbuilding for a shack.  It is interesting to see how he is progressing with both his antenna tower and his new shack.

“Ham Radio CQ has almost 4800 subscribers as this was written.  I really like his videos because he lets us know about his failures, as well as his successes.  He likes to do a lot of portable work, and has inspired many people to try portable operations.  He has done a VLOG (video log) on occasion, but we haven’t seen any of them lately.

O8HSTN, Julian, is an American ex-pat who lives in Finland.  He has over 14,000 subscribers, so he must be doing something right! This is the channel to watch for Grid Down and Emergency communications tips. One of his goals is to be as completely portable as possible. Julian goes on trips with an entire HF station man portable, along with my food, sleeping, shelter, power, and everything else required to operate that station in the field for days at a time. You will find his YouTube channel by typing in “survivaltech nord” His web site is

Typing in “Ham Radio Concepts” on You Tube will bring you to Eric, KJ4YZI. Eric loves building antennas and experimenting. His videos cover a wide range of amateur radio topics. You will never know what he will talk about next. Just be assured that whatever he talks about will be interesting.

“Ham Radio Crash Course” is run by Josh. His call sign is KI6NAZ and he goes by the nickname “Hoshnasi“. Josh does a regular webcast Friday nights, and has lately been a part of “The Amateur Radio Roundtable” on on Tuesday evenings. Again, Josh is into just about everything amateur radio. The one endearing thing that brought him to my attention was an attempt to use a string of Christmas lights as an HF antenna.  The lights all blew out live on his program.  Josh just reviewed the Icom IC-R30 wideband multi-mode receiver.  He did an excellent review.  Jos does a lot of very good reviews on many pieces of amateur related equipment.

Kevin Loughin, KB9RLW, is a Youtuber I have recently discovered. He goes by the name “The Old Tech Guy”, but you will find him easier under his name. He is a ham radio RV-er. Kevin sold his home and travels around the country and does amateur radio stuff and makes videos of his activities.  Currently he is in the desert outside of Kingman Arizona. He has been doing several antenna experiments.  Kevin has done some experimentation with baluns. Check him out.