Beginner’s Corner July 2019

Youtube Channels Revisited



It has been a while since we have covered all the amateur radio programs available on the internet, so I thought I might make a thorough review and update everyone on some new programs out there.

Tuesdays at 8 pm means that it is time for the W5KUB “Amateur Radio Roundtable”. You can go to for this one.  There is a chat room, as well.  Tom, W5KUB, and co-host Katie Allen have numerous guests on the program.  Past shows are on YouTube at Often, if time permits, Tom takes viewer calls.

“Ham Nation” comes on Wednesday nights at 9 pm ET or thereabouts.  This is the live feed:  

You can also find them on YouTube at All the over 400 episodes are archived there. Ham Nation is segmented into different sections, much as a magazine is.  Gordon West, WB6NOA, has his “Sure Shots” where he covers a topic on amateur radio. Don Wilbanks, AE5DW, has amateur radio news, and there is an excellent solar propagation segment by Dr. Tamatha Skov, who recently procured her amateur radio license.  This is a fast-paced and entertaining program.

There is a new program on Friday nights. “Ham Radio Crash Course” is on at 10 pm ET, at Josh, nicknamed  “Hoshnasni,” covers a new topic each week.  He caters to newer hams.  Josh also has a phone-in segment on his program.

On a monthly basis, there is “Amateur Logic”, which if memory serves me right, is done live on a Friday night in the middle of each month. Their URL is  George and Tommy make a good pair, and make their programs interesting and entertaining.  They also do a monthly program for those who wish to get their amateur radio license, or to upgrade their license.  It is called “Ham College”. They are up to episode Number 53. Past episodes can be seen at the above address. You can also find past episodes at

A program that covers listening to everything radio is the “Official Shortwave Channel”. This is done from Montreal by Gilles (pronounces Zhill).  I would try to pronounce his last name, but I wouldn.t get it right.  He is on Friday afternoons at 20:00 UTC (GMT or whatever) which means 4:00 pm in the summer.  Gilles site in front of the camera and talks to his audience and answers questions from the chat room.  Some of these shows run over three hours.  You would think this sounds boring, but I would have to disagree.  Take time to check him out this Friday.  His address is

North America is not the only source for high quality amateur radio programs, The “TX Factor” is a UK based program that does not broadcast live, but is highly recommenced as a good source for informational programs. Their address is There is a British slant to the program, obviously, but there are some very interesting topics copied.  As a former UK resident, I highly recommend looking into their archives.

There are a number of YouTubers who contribute much in the way of information and entertainment to the amateur radio community, and we may discuss them at a future date.