Repeater Systems

GARS Repeater Systems



Frequency Tone Location Notes
147.075 + 82.5 Snellville Skywarn and Gwinnett ARES Primary, also see user functions and details below

600 kilohertz offset

147.255 + 107.2 Snellville 600 kilohertz offset
444.525 + YSF 82.5 Snellville 5 megahertz offset
442.100 + 100.0 Norcross 5 megahertz offset
442.325 + 100.0 Buford 5 megahertz offset
53.110 –   Buford 1 megahertz offset
224.580 – 100.0 Grayson 1.6 megahertz offset


144.390 APRS digi Bogan

Winlink nodes at ka4kkf-10, kj4qfy-10, ke6iyd-10
     145.590 packet node BUFGA, digi BUF in Buford, packet node TUGGA, digi TUG at Hamilton Mill   

Winlink hybrid node W4KIB-10 using hf 75 and 10 meters VARA HF or ARDOP and Packet or VARA FM the frequency is 145.530


The 147.075 repeater is GARS primary repeater and is the primary local repeater for ARES and Skywarn operations.

147.075 Features

Echolink enabled as W4GR-R.

Remote receivers in:

  • Grayson
  • Hamilton Mill 
  • Norcross

The controller is a Link-comm DSP-404 4 port controller.  We have a 8 port voter by LDG with 4 links at this time.  The repeater is a Bridgecom Repeater.

147.075  User Commands

The DSP-404 controller has functions you can use with your DTMF pad on your Radio:
* Transmit 5a600 and the repeater will give you the time.
* Transmit 5a601 and the repeater will give you the date.
* To hear yourself on the 2 meter repeater, you can transmit 5a602, unkey, and then key, speak, and unkey.  When you unkey, you will hear yourself played back over the repeater.

If Echolink interfers with your test, you can use the commands below to disable it and re-enable echolink when you are done with your test.


444.525 Repeater in Snellville

This is a Yaesu System Fusion repeater in ams/ams mode.

Echolink W4GR-R node 405614


Type in the node number and it will tell you if it will connect you to that station.

Please use the test server to adjust your audio on your PC before connecting to the repeater.


Please read the help files on the Echolink web page and adjust your audio with the test server before you log on to GARS.

If the first # sign does not disconnect you from the repeater you are connected to, hold it for 1 second.

EchoLink instructions and download found at

Please wait for courtesy beep before transmitting. When all four ports are linked please wait for the single beep or the squelch to drop.


# will disconnect you from the station you are connected to.

##D will disconnect the echolink link from the controller.

##A will connect the controller to the Echolink computer.

#### will disconnect all stations

If you encounter trouble, please drop an email to the.

“> repeater group.

list of Repeaters in Atlanta area. These are from the Gwinnett ARES web page.

Gwinnett ARES Frequencies




Primary VHF Repeater (W4GR) 147.075+ PL 82.5 ED
VHF Repeater (W4GR) 147.255+ PL 107.2 ED
UHF Repeater (W4GR) 442.100+ PL 100.0 ED
UHF Repeater (W4GR) 444.525+ PL 82.5 ED
UHF Repeater (W4GR) 442.325+ PL 100 ED
VHF Repeater (W4GR) 224.580 -1.6mhz PL 100 ED
UHF Repeater (WA4ZXV) 442.400+ PL 100.0 ED
Portable VHF Repeater (W4GR) 147.045- PL 82.5 ED
Portable UHF Repeater (WX4NET) 440.800+ PL 100.0 ED
ARES VHF Simplex 1 (General Use) 146.505 Simplex  
ARES VHF Simplex 2 (Local talkaround) 147.550 Simplex  
ARES UHF Simplex 1 446.100 Simplex  
ARES UHF Simplex 2 446.175 Simplex  

* Enc/Dec – E indicates PL encode is required for access.  D indicates that the repeater transmits tone and Tone Squelch may be used.

Frequencies utilized by nearby counties are listed below.  They are useful in supporting activities in those areas and in an event covering a wider geographical area.

Area ARES Frequencies Freq Notes Enc/Dec*
Metro Atlanta Skywarn (W4DOC) 146.820- PL 146.2 ED
Metro Atlanta ARES Net (WX4NWS) 145.430- PL 107.2 ED
DeKalb County ARES (W4BOC) 145.450- PL 107.2 ED
North Fulton County ARES (N4CLA) 147.060+ PL 100.0 E
Walton County ARES (WE4RC) 442.050+ PL 77.0 ED
Hall County ARES (W4ABP) 146.670- PL 131.8 ED
Newton County ARES (WA4ASI) 146.925- PL 88.5 ED
Rockdale County ARES (KF4GHF) 147.210+ PL 162.2 ED
Clarke County ARES (KD4QHB) 146.745- PL 123.0 E
Forsyth County ARES (WB4GQX) 147.150+ 141.3 E
Jackson County ARES (NE4GA) 147.225+ PL 123.0 E
N. Fulton County ARES (N4CLA) 147.060+ PL 100.0 E