EchoLink Node

Echolink W4GR-R node 405614

Type in the node number and it will tell you if it will connect you to that station.

Please use the test server to adjust your audio on your PC before connecting to the repeater.

Please read the help files on the Echolink web page and adjust your audio with the test server before you log on to GARS.

If the first # sign does not disconnect you from the repeater you are connected to, hold it for 1 second.

EchoLink instructions and download found at

Please wait for courtesy beep before transmitting. When all four ports are linked please wait for the single beep or the squelch to drop.

# will disconnect you from the station you are connected to.

##D will disconnect the echolink link from the controller.

##A will connect the controller to the Echolink computer.

#### will disconnect all stations

If you encounter trouble, please drop an email to the repeater group.