May Madness 2018

(A contest for GARS members only)

Download the rules and log sheet.

1. Contest begins 5/4/18 at 6:00 PM and ends 5/13/18 at 11:59 PM
2. Only GARS members may participate
3. Bands
2 Meters
1.25 Meters
70 cm
33 cm
23 cm
Any amateur GHz freq

Any HF frequency where Tech class license is allowed to operate

4. Modes
SSB (voice)
Digital (CW is a digital mode)

5. Contacts may be simplex or repeater
Any simplex frequency is allowed

6. Any station can be worked once per band per mode (Once on simplex or repeater. These are not two separate modes)

7. Exchange

Call Sign. Old GARS member or New member – add OM or NM (ie. AF4FG/OM or KI4QCI/NM )

8. Scoring
1 point for each voice contact
2 points for each digital contact
1 bonus point for each new member contact*

* New members are those who have joined GARS since 5/1/17. Anyone who was a member in the past but has not been a dues paying member for at least 10 years prior to rejoining after 5/1/17 is considered a new member for purposes of this contest. (since a new member cannot contact himself he automatically receives 1 bonus point)

9. Awards
Top Ten scores receive a GARS hat unique to this year’s contest

All participants who turn in a log receive a GARS patch or decal

10. Logging
Log Call Sign of station contacted, NM or OM, Frequency, Mode, and date of contact

Logs must be submitted electronically by midnight May 31, 2018 to

11. Suggested Simplex Frequencies

Voice         CW           Other Digital

146.505    144.03      145.07
446.00      432.075    430.45
52.525      50.050      50.530
28.345      28.050      28.150

Any repeater

12. Arranged Contacts
Times for contacts and frequencies to be used may be arranged

13. Jeff Rule
Individuals cannot be within sight of each other except in the case where one
or both is in a moving vehicle. Both cannot be in the same vehicle

14. Net Rule
The net control for the GARS net or the ARES net on May 7, 2018 or any other net between 5/4/18 and 5/13/18 may not count each check in as a contact nor may each check in count the net control as a contact

Note: For purposes of this contest D Star voice is not considered digital.        D Rats is considered digital