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2021-11-16 – Workshop – 2m Roll-up J-Pole Antenna Dallas N4DDM

Dallas touched on the theory of 1/4 wave matching stubs, 1/2 wave impedance transformers, common mode choke baluns, and showed us his twist to the common Roll-up J-Pole (A.K.A. Slim Jim) to adjust the 50-ohm connection and tune the length of the antenna.  We had a small turnout to build antennas but had plenty of Elmers to help.  5-6 antennas were made unfortunately we ran out of time before all of the antennas were completed.

2021-11-09 – Current status of the HamSCI project – Dr. Nathaniel Frissell Ph.D. W2NAF

Dr. Nathaniel Frissell used simulations based on data from recent solar storms and eclipses to demonstrate that the ionosphere responsible for long-distance high-frequency radio propagation, is not a smooth structure as often depicted in textbooks. Instead, it is highly dynamic and subject to numerous unexplained small-scale spatial and temporal variabilities. Even with the large, professional-grade observational networks that currently exist, the ionospheric system remains undersampled. In his presentation, he explained how the Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation (HamSCI) is working to design a Personal Space Weather Station (PSWS) that individuals can place in their own backyards, make observations that contribute to the advancement of ionospheric science, and benefit their own personal amateur radio operations.

2021-10-19 – Workshop – GARS Repeater System – David Adcock KA4KKF

David talked about the current status of the GARS repeaters, controllers, remote receivers, voters, Echo Link, System Fusion, user commands, and touched on future plans. We had a 2m and 70cm set of duplexers on-site for folks to physically see what a duplexer looks like.  David brought the GARS portable 2m repeater.

  • This was a live presentation, no files are available.

2021-10-12 – Favorite Ham Radio and Related Websites – Bill Cherepy WB4WTN

Bill solicited the GARS membership to submit their “favorite ham radio-related websites” and then facilitated each of them to briefly talk about what makes those sites their favorites.

2021-09-21 – Workshop – Portable to Whole House Generators – Kerby Spruiell KG5DLD

Kerby’s presentation was on backup power generators for your family/home with a focus on; type of generator, generator size, fuel options, and costs. The presentation included a Q&A period to help select the generator appropriate for your needs and budget.  In the aftermath of Texas’ Snowmageddon Kerby has upgraded his portable generator to a whole house generator.  

2021-09-14 – An Overview in Next Generation of HF Radio Technology – Michael Walker VA3WM

Michael talked about the changes in HF radio technology in the last 50 years and how Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology is in use today.  We now get much better radio performance for our investment dollar using SDR.  Mike explained and then demonstrated how Software Defined Radio outperforms the traditional Super Heterodyne radio.

2021-08-17 – Workshop – RADIO Scouting & Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) – Steve Back WB2OGY

Steve’s presentation and video explained; RADIO Scouting, What the National and NE GA Councils do.  He also and talked about Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) and the need for volunteers to help with JOTA.

2021-08-10 – Working Amateur Satellites – Ruth Willet KM4LAO

Ruth presented how to make contacts using FM and linear satellites.  She gave a brief history of satellites, the science behind satellite communications, equipment needed, logical steps for making QSOs, useful apps/websites for tracking satellites, and fun ways to earn awards!  She introduced us to the complex fun of satellite communications and encouraged us to try it for ourselves!   

2021-07-20 – Workshop – Installing Power Poles – Dallas N4DDM

Dallas went -over the basics of making proper Anderson Powerpole connectors so your connectors will match those made by MFJ, Powerwerx, and others.  Many hints and tips were shared on how to make them right such as using the silver-plated pins vs the tin ones so they last 500% longer.  ARES Task Books were signed.

2021-07-13 – Wi-Fi for Hams – Kevin Scott K4GTR

Kevin did a review of Wi-Fi’s past, current, and future versions.  Technical topics were presented in a practical manner with amateur radio operators in mind.  This was our first In-Person presentation at the EAA 690 Hangar since last year.  Topics included; Compatibility/Interoperability, IEEE specs, Wi-Fi marketing names, Higher speed, increased range, and interference-reduction techniques, Current Band/Channels and future bands/channels, Cool phone apps for looking at active RF channels and network troubleshooting, Reference Wi-Fi Websites, Wi-Fi Extenders, Hot Spots, and more.

2021-06-15 – Workshop – Field Day Planning and Logging – David Adcock KA4KKF – GARS Field Day Chairman

  • No formal presentation.

2021-06-08 –  Ice Cream Social at Harbins Park

  • No formal presentation.

2021-05-18 – Workshop – Intro to 6 Meters & Meteor Scatter Radio Sports – Bennett Smith WB5GVY

Bennett whets your appetites to get on 6m “The Magic Band” and start making contacts.  Bennett explained have just entered the 6m season and Technicians are licensed for the whole band.  Bennett’s modest station consists of antennas in his attic due to HOA restrictions.  He has confirmed 25 DXCC and over 370 grids on 6m.  He showed us how to use Sporadic E, Tropospheric Ducting, Transequatorial Propagation, and Meteor Scatter to make contacts using digital modes. Plenty of helpful hints and screenshots of what digital modes to use and how to make contacts.  If this is not enough to whet your appetite take a look at his in-depth QRZ bio.

2021-05-11 –  VHF/UHF Contests – Ryan Kovacs WG4I

Ryan WG4I discussed VHF/UHF contesting with a focus on the June VHF/UHF contest which is the second weekend in June.  Ryan shared his experiences with this contest and how you can easily participate in these contests.  In the past, the modes were more limited to SSB and CW but with the advent of FT8 and many stations using FM the opportunity for all to participate has increased.  You can work mountain toppers, like Ryan, from your home QTH as well as from your car.  If six meters is open as is typically the case in June, you will have a great opportunity to get some operating activities in your log.  

2021-04-20 – Workshop – Everything You Need to Know About USB and Serial Interfaces – Bob Wilson N6TV

Bob N6TV went into great detail on how to set up your Serial and or USB ports to control your rig for contesting, DX, or just getting the most out of your gig/station.  You should check out his QRZ bio to see his contributions to the hobby and the list of presentations he has given at various conventions.

2021-04-13 – The ARRL Foundation Scholarship & Grant Programs Jim Fenstermaker K9JF

Jim Fenstermaker K9JF presented “The ARRL Foundation Scholarship & Grant Programs”.  Jim has been a member of the ARRL Foundation since 2011.  Since 2019, he has been the chairperson of the ARRL Foundation Scholarship team.  During this time, the scholarship team has awarded nearly $1 million in scholarships to deserving student ham radio operators. 

2021-03-16 – Workshop – Improve your portable and RV mobile operation – Rich Donahue K0PIR

Rich used selected clips from his YouTube videos to put together his presentation of his portable and RV sites.  Included were clips of his; Antenna Launcher that uses a 22-cal blank to launch lines over tall trees  The use of a Mini600 Antenna Analyzer, his selection of various antennas depending on the trees (or lack of) at each site. Use of solar power and selection of RFI quiet inverters.

2021-03-09 – The Art of QSL’ing (or how I learned the hard way) – Neil Foster N4FN

Neil Foster N4FN presented; The Art of QSLing (or “How I Learned the Hard Way”). For 100 years, amateur radio operators have been exchanging QSL cards to confirm two-way radio contact between stations. In this presentation, you’ll hear about how it all works. Neil also holds the British “A” license as G0NBJ (ex G5DKW) and has been licensed since 1960. He has 12 DXCC awards and has 347 countries/entities confirmed in LoTW, Honor Roll, RSGB Commonwealth DXCC and needs only 3 for number 1 honor Roll. He has operated from 13 DX entities.

2021-02-16 – Workshop – Nano-VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) Part 2 – Lee Johnson N4WYE

Lee gave a quick review of our January presentation and then moved on to how to calibrate the NanoVNA. Lee showed us how to make 2-port measurements on an 80m Dunestar Band Pass Filter that was clearly out of specs.  The insertion loss was well over 1 dB in the passband and the roll-off was 5 dB down at 4Mhz, the top end of the 80m band.  Lee used the same PowerPoint presentation from the January GARS meeting but discussed how to make real-world measurements in this Workshop.

2021-02-09 – The 4-Year Amateur Radio Upgrade to ISS – John Kludt K7SYS

There is a new radio on the ISS with crossband repeater capabilities! But we didn’t just go down the local ham radio store and buy one. How many radios have been on the ISS and how did the new one get there? Why did it take so long? What does a red LED mean to the ISS crew? That a piece of equipment is turned on? Or something else? Where are the radios on the ISS and what does the “shack photo” look like? All of these questions and more are answered as we discuss the new radio on the ISS, its capabilities, and give some tips on how best to use it.

2021-01-19 – Workshop – Georgia Amateur Radio Situation Awareness Map – Brian Haren W8BYH

Brian walked us through the creation of his Georgia ARES Situational Awareness Map website and how to use the various features and map layers to display various repeater types (Analog FM, D-Star, Fusion, DMR), digipeaters, Winlink gateways, NOAA warnings/weather overlays, various traffic overlays, and hurricane evacuation routes.

2021-01-12 – Nano-VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) – Lee Johnson N4WYE

Lee with a BS in Electrical Engineering had a forty-year career in communication systems.  He served in; product design, engineering/marketing management roles in; digital communication systems, cellular, satellite, fiber optics, and semiconductors.  He has used more sophisticated commercial Vector Network Analyzers but when he saw the early announcements of the NanoVNA, he knew he had to have one if he wanted to construct and optimize a 49:1 transformer for his HF End Fed Half Wave antennas. He was able to get the SWR below 2:1 on all bands and the internal tuner handled the rest. 

2020-12-15 – Workshop – Programming the 99 Memories of the IC-7300 – Dave Slotter W3DJS

Dave told us all about his adventures on how to program the 99 memories of the IC-7300. This workshop was based on a review Dave wrote about the FREE software he found to do this.  The review is in the December 2020 GARzette, pages 7 and 8.  The software used and author; ICOM 7300 Memory Manager by Seth Cohens KB3HHA.

2020-12-08 – New Features of HamPi 1.2 with a demonstration – Dave Slotter W3DJS

HamPi 1.2 has just been released and Dave will demo the top 3 new features: 

  • Universal Ham Radio Remote Control (UHRR) is an open source’s answer to RigPi and I contributed to that project.
  • RpiTx – use the Raspberry Pi to transmit RF from its built-in GPIO pins.
  • New Raspberry Pi OS was just released last week. Faster video playback and videoconference capabilities included CUPS Printing and more.

2020-11-17 – Workshop – Explaining Ten-Ten International – Chaz Cone W4GKF

Chaz gave us a very informative, short, and sweet, history of Ten-Ten International and how he became the Chapter Head of the North Georgia Chapter of 10-X International.

2020-11-10 – End Fed Half Wave Antennas – Steve Ellington N4LQ

Steve Ellington N4LQ discusses End Fed Half Wave Antennas (EFHW).

2020-10-20 – Workshop – Ridgid Pro Toolbox and Cart Transformation to VHF-UHF Radio Go-Box Set – Mark Bell N7GRB

Mark Bell N7GRB — Our very own GARS Members and Gwinnett ARES AEC for Public Health — Hospital Team, a Georgia AUXCOMM Board Member and Deputy Section Chief, Operations. Past experience with the Civil Air Patrol and with running waterborne and land-based VHF tactical nets in the Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Mark explains his thought process and choices he made as he built his Go-Box from a set of RIDGID toolboxes.

2020-10-13 – GARS Homebrew Show & Tell

  • No Presentation available

2020-09-15 – Workshop – functionality and programming your radio – Chuck Adams KV4VT

Chuck Adams KV4VT explained his role as the Georgia Administrator for  Chuck also talked about RepeaterBook functionality and how it can best be used to support the programming of your radios.  Chuck’s presentation in PDF (2.9MB) format.

2020-09-08 – Having fun with QRP – Steve Hudson AA4BW

  • No Presentation available

2020-08-18 – Workshop – Parks on the Air (POTA) – Bill Cherepy WB4WTN

Join Bill, WB4WTN told us about his many adventures of operating from various parks and how you can get started with Parks on the Air (POTA) or just work those that do.

Online Demonstration via GoToMeeting – Bill’s presentation in PDF (2.2MB) format.

2020-08-11 – HamPi The Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Software Collection – Dave Soltter W3DJS

Dave told us about his creation of HamPi and briefly told us of the many Ham Radio Software applications pre-installed in the distribution.

  • Live Demonstration – No Presentation available

2020-07-21 – Workshop – Oscilloscopes – Kevin Scott K4GTR

Join Kevin, K4GTR, in learning about oscilloscopes.

  • Live Demonstration – No Presentation available

2020-07-14 – The ARRL – Mickey Baker N4MB, ARRL Southeastern Division Director

Mickey Baker, Director of ARRL Southeastern Division, discusses what the ARRL is, who runs it, what it does for amateur radio, its member services, and what he has personally done in his job with regards to ARRL’s COVID-19 response.

2020-06-16 – Workshop – Field Day Operation from Home – David Adcock KA4KKF

Join Field Day Chair, David, KA4KKF in covering Field Day operation, including usage of N3FJP Field Day Logging software.

  • Live Demonstration – No Presentation available

2020-06-09 – Quickly Coil Your Cables With a Spooler You Can Make – Joe Biddle AP4PZ

Joe showed us how to build a cable spooler for coiling up cables after QSO Parties, Field Day, and other events.

2020-05-19 – Workshop – Chirp Operation – Dallas KD4HNX

Dallas, KD4HNX gave a quick tour of Chrip and how to download all the repeater settings for your county/state.  Great info if you are going on a road trip and want to program your radio(s) before you hit the road.

2020-05-12 – Antenna Camouflage and Know Your Coax – Kevin Scott K4GTR

Kevin Scott K4GTR presents useful tips for camouflaging amateur radio antennas. HOA, covenant, and deed-restricted hams know how important this is!  Plus lots of info on coax and cable loss.

2020-04-21 – Workshop – Intro to SDRUno – Dave Slotter W3DJS

Join Dave, W3DJS in learning how SDRUno functions along with the SDRPlay RSP Software Defined Radio

  • Live Demonstration – No Presentation available

2020-04-14 – Programming Your Radio – John Davis WB4QDX

GARS President, John Davis WB4QDX explains the latest ins and outs of radio programming. This presentation is useful to both new and experienced hams.

2020-03-17 – No Workshop due to COVID-19

No presentation available

2020-03-10 – Ham Radio Awards, The Thrill of the Chase – Bob Hensey K4VBM

Bob demonstrated that you must enter to win and just a few contacts can get you an award.

2020-02-18 – Workshop – Life Preservation – Sandy Jackson KJ4DRO

Join Sandy, KJ4DRO life-saving techniques, and how AED’s work.

Live Demonstration – No presentation available

2020-02-11 – Locating Power Line and other RF Noise – Jeff Stuparits W4DD

Engineer Jeff Stuparits W4DD explains how to identify, track down, and get your power company to address power line noise issues. Power Line and other RF interference can affect amateur, commercial, public safety, governmental, and broadcast radio signals.

2020-01-21 – Workshop – Using Raspberry Pi for Ham Radio (Part 2) – Dave Slotter W3DJS

Dave demonstrated configuring and using ham radio applications on the Raspberry Pi.  Folks were encouraged to bring their Pi setups to get them configured.  Dave was available to flash Raspberry Pi images to SD or microSD cards.

2020-01-14 – AM-FM-TV Digital Broadcasting and Channel Packing Plan – Kevin Scott K4GTR

Kevin Scott K4GTR explains the progression of broadcast from analog to digital to 4K, including spectrum auctions and channel packing.

2019-12-07 – Holiday Party

Happy Holidays!!! 80 attended the party.  Photos on page 5 of the GARzette

2019-11-19 – Workshop – Using Raspberry Pi for Ham Radio (Part 1) – Dave Slotter W3DJS

Dave demonstrated configuring and using some ham radio applications on the Raspberry Pi. If you want a copy of the W3DJS Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Image, bring an SD or microSD card to have the image flashed on.

2019-11-14 – Remote Control Amateur Radio – Ray Bailey N4GYN

Ray Bailey N4GYN briefly discusses his tower followed by an in-depth discussion on remote control radio. Focusing on RCForb which is available at Ray discusses the setup and use of this program which allows radio amateurs to use remote stations.

2019-10-15 – Workshop – Go Kits – Ed Woodrick WA4YIH

A comprehensive look into various styles of Go Kits including what features hams should pay attention to when building their own.

2019-10-08 – The GARS Massive Homebrew Show and Tell – Various Presenters

At the 2019 show and tell, homemade (homebrewed) items GARS members show off include a dummy load, a 49:1 balun, a power pole style power distribution unit, an LCD QRP Labs QCX CW transceiver, a Morse code telegraph diorama demonstrator, antenna raising technique, a long coax spooler/unspooler, a $5 high wattage antenna tuner, a 50W transmitter, emergency communications go-kits, and a Raspberry Pi shack computer.

2019-09-17 – Workshop – QRZ – Dave Slotter W3DJS

What is QRZ and how can I get the most from it?

2019-09-10 – Why Hams Use Morse Code – Jim Stafford W4QO

Morse code expert Jim Stafford W4QO explains the fun, useful aspects of this mode of CW communication that so many amateur radio operators still enjoy today.

2019-08-20 – Workshop – Goin’ Mobile – Alex Kowalchuk W4KYW

Mobile Radio Installations.

2019-08-13 – Hints and Kinks of Antenna Launching – Kevin Scott K4GTR

How to get your antenna in the air.

  • This was a live presentation, no files are available.

2019-07-16 – Workshop – Club Log – Mike Weathers ND4V

What is Club Log, and how do I get started?

2019-07-09 – Operating From “Last Man Standing” – John WB4QDX, Amy KE4IFK, Ed WA4IYH

John, Amy, and Ed told us about operating from the Last Man Standing set which is an actual working station not just a TV prop.

2019-06-18 – Field Day Prep – Dave Adcock KA4KKF and Ed Woodrick WA4YIH

2019-06-11 – Ice Cream Social at Harbins Park

No presentation, just ice cream, and great comradery.

2019-05-21 – Workshop – Soldering 101 – Dave Adanich K8WDJ

SOLDERING 101 – “Or How Not To Burn Your Fingers”

This Workshop is set up to teach basic soldering techniques that a Ham or any electronic enthusiast can appreciate. Did you know that there is evidence that soldering was employed as early as 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia? Soldering and brazing are thought to have originated very early in the history of metal-working, probably before 4000 BC. Sumerian swords from 3000 BC were assembled using hard soldering. Soldering was historically used to make jewelry items, cooking ware, and tools, as well as other uses such as in assembling stained glass.

This Workshop, while directed to new hams and beginners in electronics, is also a valuable tool to the “old-timers”. There are many new techniques that will be presented in the hopes that all attendees can leave this Workshop with up-to-date information that will make that new homebrew project or kit worthwhile. I will give a short presentation at the beginning (20 mins +or-) of the Workshop then we will go into some real tabletop soldering projects.

  • Live Demonstration – No presentation available

2019-05-14 – Electromagnetic Puls; Is It Real? – Greg Abernathy AI4UD

No presentation files.

2019-04-16 – Workshop – WebSDR – Bill Cherepy WB4WTN

No presentation files.

2019-04-09 – W1AW Tour With Joe Carcia NJ1Q

Take a virtual tour of the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station W1AW located on the grounds of ARRL Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut.

2019-03-19 – Workshop – Yaesu System Fusion – Chris K1KC

What is Yaesu System Fusion, how is it different than the other digital voice modes, and how do I start using it? Be sure to bring your Yaesu System Fusion radio for hands-on help.

2019-03-12 – Marriage of Old & New Technology – The Original Text Messaging – Steve Garrison N4TTY and Nick Nikley N0NCQ

No presentation files.

2019-02-19 – Workshop – Ham Hotspots – Ed Woodrick WA4YIH

Ed walked us through what ard Digital Ham Hotspots, what modes can we use them for, and how are they different from cell phone hotspots?

2019-02-12 – Powerpoles Connectors – Dave Bruse W4DTR

Dave presented a short presentation about Powerpole connectors, followed by questions and answers.

2019-01-15 – Workshop – LOTW Part 2 – Tips, Tricks, and Traps – Mike Weathers ND4V

Multiple calls, multiple TQSL certificates, multiple locations, remote operation, mobile operation, recovery from a hard drive crash, Lost certificates, lost log database, playing nice with Clublog, what about my paper confirmations, AND MUCH MORE!!!

2019-01-14 – TechFest – Intro to DMR & Advanced Topics – Ken Bryant K1DMR