Georgia QSO Party


Join us for the 2020 Georgia QSO Party. April 11th 2020.

The Georgia QSO Party is sponsored by the South East Contest Club and Southeastern DX Club.

Georgia QSO Party (GQP) has been challenging amateurs all over the world with the best award/plaque program in the US. Hopefully all 159 Georgia counties will be on the air this year. The GQP is held in a pair of ten-hour sessions on the second full weekend in April; this year that will be April 11th 2020.

For more information about the GQP, go to Georgia QSO party










GARS will recognize top scoring members (in good standing) in the categories of “Most CW contacts made“, “Most phone contacts made“, and “Most combined contacts made“. To participate in this awards program, please email your logs to GQPchairman within 7 days of the contest conclusion (April 19 @ 23:59 EDT). Awards will be presented at the next GARS Club Meeting that we have in person after the GQP concludes.

ARES Members:

For ARES members – helping with setup, or operating at this event, counts as a field qualifying event.

Send questions about this GARS activity to: GQPchairman

Please upload any photos you take to our group for everyone to see.
* Simply go to
* Click on the “New Album” button
* Enter an Album name in the format “2020 Georgia QSO Party by YourCallSign”
* Click the “Create” button
* Click the “+ Add Photos” button
* and upload away!
When you are done, please send an email to the group letting them know you uploaded some pictures.