Donations to the Club

Donations to GARS

This takes you to PayPal.


Donation to the GARS General Fund

$25.00 to $5000.00 CLICK the Down Arrow


Donation to the GARS Education Fund

$20.00 to $60.00

Donations to the GARS Repeater Fund


Donate any amount to GARS via PayPal.

We also have an account with Amazon Smile and Kroger.
Both links are on the home page and here are instructions for Kroger.
Sign into your account on
At the top hover over “Savings and Rewards” and roll down the drop down to “Kroger Community Rewards”.
The next screen has the option to click “I am a customer” in order to enroll.
Then you put the full name of the club in “Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society” and hit enter. Done!
The organization number is 432419.


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