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    • Beginner’s Corner November 2017

      This is a Football   The Green Bay Packers had a miserable year in 1961, according to an internet article.  When the Packers started training for the next season, legendary (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner October 2017

      Being Weather-wise Well, we all had “fun” during Hurricane Irma’s visit to Georgia.  We hope everyone has recovered well, and that we will be able to weather all future storms. (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner April 2017

      Power Your Radio When the Power Goes Out As I write this we are having a severe thunderstorm.  All the meteorologists are predicting the possibility of power outages.  I am (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner March 2017

      Ham Radio and the Weather That Handy Talkie you got when you passed your license exam (You did buy a radio, I hope.), is more than just something with which (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner Feb 2015

      Some final comments on the Baofeng HTs.   Baofeng is now Pofung. From what I understand they have changed their name in order to come closer to pronouncing the name (…….more)

    • Beginners Corner January 2015

      Beginners Corner January 2015 The Dog Show: A chance for Beginning Hams to Shine GARS and Gwinnett ARES helps do parking for the dog show twice a year. In return, (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner December 2014

      Beginner’s Corner December 2014 More on downloading the information to the Baofeng UV-5R (?) This is a continuation of last month’s column. There is just so much information on the (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner November 2014

      Beginner’s Corner November 2014     When I began this column, I thought there were just so many columns I could write, but I keep discovering items that might be of (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner October 2014

      Beginner’s Corner October 2014  For the past several months, I have been writing about the Baofeng radios. I have made quite a bit of progress on getting mine up and (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner September 2014

      Beginner’s Corner September 2014 A Birthday Gift! I recently received a nice birthday gift, a Baofeng UV-5R two meter/440 HT (handy-talkie). Thank you KK4VLR! Well, I was elated to receive (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner August 2014

       Beginner’s Corner August 2014  Come Work the Dog Show Twice a year, GARS, in conjunction with Gwinnett ARES provides parking coordinators for the Cherokee Rose Dog Cluster in Atlanta. This (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner July 2014

      Beginner’s Corner July 2014 By David Harden, KJ4CMY This month, let’s take a look at programming software. One of the nice thing about modern radios is that they have microprocessors (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner June 2014

      Beginner’s Corner June 2014 Field Day – Practical Experience for New Hams Field Day is coming up. What is Field Day? This event takes place on the last full weekend (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner May 2014

      Beginner’s Corner By David Harden, KJ4CMY I have some more information on the Baofeng UV-5R radio to share this month.  While looking at ham radios on YouTube, I came across (…….more)

    • Quick Notes for New Hams May 2014

      Quick Notes for New Hams Common Amateur Radio Q-Codes QRL – Are you busy? I am busy (or I am busy with ___). Please do not interfere. QRM – Is my transmission (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner Apr 2014

      Beginner’s Corner April 2014 By David Harden, KJ4CMY Alinco Radios for Beginners We have been looking at different Handy Talkies (HTs) for the new ham.  This month, we’ll visit Alinco, (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner Mar 2014

      Beginner’s Corner March 2014 By David Harden, KJ4CMY BaoFeng Radios Revisited. I had the opportunity to work at the dog show at the Atlanta Expo Center in January. It is (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner Feb-2014

      Beginner’s Corner Feb-2014 By David Harden, KJ4CMY I did the New Ham booth at the January GARS Tech Fest. It was fun and exciting meeting many new and returning hams! (…….more)

    • Beginner’s Corner Jan-2014

      Beginner’s Corner Jan-2014 By David Harden, KJ4CMY   I would like to thank the editor of the GARzette and web site for giving me this opportunity to start this column. (…….more)


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