Beginner’s Corner August 2018

Beginner’s Corner

By David Harden, KJ4CMY

I made a presentation a few weeks ago to a group of prospective hams.  I happened to find my old technician class study manual.  It was apparently buried deeply within the bowels of my office/shack.  You know it goes.  “I’ll set this down and look at it later.”  Then something else gets set on that, and then something else, and then….

I did show it to the class and decided to pick it up and look at the questions.  I was amazed at how much I had retained from that manual and how much I had forgotten.  I am glad I did not give my old manual away or throw it away.  I had forgotten how much good information there is between its covers.

I will try to spend a few minutes each day perusing its pages.  Hopefully I will find hidden amateur radio gems long since forgotten.

That brings me to the point.  I hope none of you ever throws away his or her copy of their license manuals. Yes, mine is “out of date” in that some of the test questions may have changed a bit.  As I recall, each license test, technician, general and general changes every four years.  However, most of the information contained in your manuals will likely never change.  Ohm’s Law will always be Ohm’s Law.  Yes, there may be questions about newer technologies in upcoming exams, and hence in newer manuals.  I have heard it, and it is perhaps the most profound statement I have ever heard about amateur radio, “An amateur radio license is a license to learn.”

Yes, please hold on to those old license manuals, moreover, it would be a great idea to crack open those manuals and read them over, even if for a few minutes a day.  It will enable you to answer questions of others more easily, and it might just help you be a better amateur radio operator.