Beginner’s Corner April 2014

Beginner’s Corner April 2014

By David Harden, KJ4CMY

Alinco Radios for Beginners

We have been looking at different Handy Talkies (HTs) for the new ham.  This month, we’ll visit Alinco, The least expensive dual-band Alinco is the DJ-V57T. I contacted GigaParts for information. Shelley – KK4VST, writes, “They are very easy to afford for new hams, they are currently $129.00 on our website for example. A lot of the other dual-band radios are above the $200 mark. Alinco radios despite how hard they are to locate at times are very easy to understand radios and don’t have a lot of “hidden” settings like some of the Yaesu handhelds do. In the same sense though because they do not have that complexity to them. they generally do not offer as many features. Personal opinion, that is not a bad thing because then you will not be distracted by the bells and whistles so to speak, but really learn how to best utilize the radio for its functions and just have a good time with the basics!”


We have talked about some new handy-talkie (HT) radios.  Now, let’s look at how to buy used equipment.

I keep looking for used equipment.  Buying from a ham in the area is a good idea, because you can test out the radio before you buy it.  Also, if there is a problem, you have someone to go back to after the sale.  Most hams are reputable. Check at GARS or other club meetings. Also, many clubs have a Yahoo group or a “reflector” which hams post items to sell. Also, check the weekly GARS Want Sell or Swap Net on Monday Evenings.  They occasionally have for sale items. Also, you can ask if anyone has or knows of equipment for sale.


Buying a radio at a hamfest will give you a chance to try before you buy, as well.  Be cautious when buying from eBay or other auction site.  Check the seller’s reputation.  It is much harder to return a bad radio if the seller is unreliable, or lives hundreds of miles away. Some dealers have trade-ins.  You might be able to spot a bargain or two.


73 de KJ4CMY

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