Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day Jan 25, 26 2020


Saturday January 25th beginning at 14:00pm EST is Winter Field Day.   GARS and Gwinnett ARES are teaming up.  We will open the gates at 9:30am when we will begin setting up.  Several of us are meeting for breakfast at the Golden Corral on Riverside Dr in Lawrenceville (the usual GARS Saturday morning breakfast spot) at 7:30am.  All are welcome to join us for breakfast and/or for Winter Day operating event. We will be setting up 4 HF stations – 2 PHONE, 1 CW and 1 DIGITAL.  We are planning to participate for the full 24 hours and can use your support.

Watch this web site and GARS for additional details. We will have a radio on the GARS repeater if you need driving instructions or have questions during Winter Field Day.

Disasters are unpredictable by nature and can strike when you least expect them. WFDA’s goal is to help enhance your skills and ready you for all environmental conditions found in the US and Canada during the spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Preparedness is the key to a professional and timely response during any event and this is what local and state authorities are expecting when they reach out to the emergency service groups that offer their services.

If you are serious about emergency communications as we are; we welcome you to join us for our yearly event. We are sure that you will find this event a pleasant change and challenge to that of a normal summer time field day.

GARS will operate as W4GR.
Our onsite Freq will be 146.550 simplex.  We will also monitor the GARS 147.075 repeater.

GWINNETT ARES MEMBERS:  This will be a Gwinnett ARES qualifying deployable event.

We welcome visitors, but would like to know ahead of time if you plan to show up.  

Please email WFD Chairman

The web page for Winter Field Day is being re-worked. Check back often.
2020 Rules are here

Please upload any photos you take to our group for everyone to see.
* Simply go to
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* Enter an Album name in the format “2020 Winter Field Day by YourCallSign”
* Click the “Create” button
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* and upload away!
When you are done, please send an email to the group letting them know you uploaded some pictures.