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GARS Meeting

Meeting Location 

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Meet second Tuesday every month except December

Monday Night Net

Monday Night Net


Monday night at 1930 local time.

GARS want, swap, sale, and information net

Know it All Net

Know-It-All Net


 GARS Know-It-All Net  This Wednesday at 8:30 pm.
This net shares Amateur Radio updates and information.


Garzette Archives garzette

The GARZETTE is now available online.
Click here to select a GARZETTE

2017 Officers

President - Mike Weathers, ND4V
Vice Pres. -Rick Cobb, N4XYY
Treasurer - Sid Weaver, N4NQ
Secretary - Leland Ford, K9SDR
Program Manager -Paul Kelley, W4KLY


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