GARS Wednesday Know It All Net Script

GARS Know It All Net

Last updated: 6/17/2013 by David Adcock


<Note: Items in red between brackets should not be spoken during the net. These are used for filling in NCS information or notes to the NCS to pause or do something.>


CQ, CQ, CQ – Calling the Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society Know-It-All  Net.


This is <NCS call sign phonetically><NCS call sign> with the GARS Know It AllNet and I am your net control this evening. For those who do not know me, my name is  <NCS name> and I am operating from my home QTH in <location>, using the GARS Echolink W4GR-R, the two meter and six meter  repeaters located in Gwinnett County Georgia. 

The GARS Know- It- All  Net is an open net. You do not have to be a member of GARS to participate in tonight's Know- It- All  Net. The topic of discussion for tonight's net is <topic>.


This is a less formal but directed net. The format of the net is to start with a Kick-off intro to tonight's topic on <topic>.Take check-ins, followed by Q & A.  Stations checking in will indicate if they have a question on the topicIf you are a new Ham you may ask a question about any topic.The Guest will call only stations with Q & A and regularly return to net control for additional check-ins. After the formal net closes, stations are encouraged to continue discussing the topic or amateur radio related topics.


I'd like to have an alternate net control as a back-up in case my station is unable to continue. The alternate net control needs to write down the check-ins and simply be ready to take over during the net if necessary. Is there any station that can serve as an alternate net control tonight? Please call <NCS call sign> now.

<Call the Kick-off station. The Guest will Kick-Off the topic then return to net control for check-ins> 

Now we will start with a Kick-off intro to tonight’s topic on <topic> by <call sign> then take check-ins.

The Guest will KIck-Off the topic then return to net control for check-ins>

 Stations that would like to check into tonight's GARS Know- It- All Net  will key their  mike, say “this is”, unkey, see if you have it. Then, give your call sign phonetically and regularly and indicate if you have question on topic. <First go to the  mobiles and short time, Echolink stations,  then go to the fixed stations , in the order in which they checked in.  After first group of check- ins, say > net stand by. <repeat the call signs heard thru the last. 

After check-ins call  PRESIDENT to make any announcenents....then call ARES Emergency coordinator to make any announcements


<Call the Kick-off station. The Guest will handle the Questions on the topic then return to net control for check-ins> 


Thanks for checking-in. <guest call sign>  will answer your questions on  <topic>. Go ahead <guest call sign>.


<Repeat: Call for additional check- ins  regularly>



Does anyone have any questions before we close the net?  Please call net control now.


<Once there is no more traffic>

Call <Alternate NCS> .  I show <# of check-ins> check-ins, and we had a great net tonight.


GARS appreciates everybody checking in. I hope to hear you again next week. Special thanks to our Kick-Off station<call sign> and tonight’s ANCS <call sign>.This is net control <NCS callsign> closing the GARS Know- It-All Net and returning the repeater to normal operation.


<Net control should email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to post net info on the web.>

<Send # of check-ins, NCS name/call sign, ANCS name/call sign, Guest name/call sign, and topic.>