GARS will participate in the September VHF contest
September 12

This is an introduction to the contest.  Plans are to setup VHF station, UHF Station and 6 Meter station.  We'll have beams for each.  
We'll need 3 pop up tents. 3 tables.  I think we have the antennas and radios already arranged.  Those that are there at 12:00 when we order will be furnished pizza for lunch.  Cold drinks will be furnished.
I'll post a signup sheet and equipment needed link on the web site next day or so.
Initial plans are to start setup at 12:00 noon and we'll operate until about 5:00pm. 
This is an ARRL contest and additional information is available on their web site.
Final info and directions will be posted on the web site.  

2015 September VHF: September 12-14

Objective: For amateurs in the US and Canada (and their possessions) to work as many amateur stations in as many different 2 degrees x 1 degree Maidenhead grid squares as possible using authorized frequencies above 50 MHz. Stations outside the US & Canada (and their possessions) may only work stations in the US (and its posessions) and Canada.

Stations in KH0-9, KL7 & KP1-KP5, CY9 and CY0 count as W/VE stations and can be worked by DX stations for contest credit.