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2017 Officers


Welcome to the 2017 Officers

President - Mike Weathers, ND4V
Vice Pres. -Rick Cobb, N4XYY
Treasurer - Sid Weaver, N4NQ
Secretary - Leland Ford, K9SDR
Program Manager -Paul Kelley, W4KLY

2017 Field Day wrap up

Field Day 2017 is in the books

June 24th, 25th were a little wet. All things consider, we did pretty good this year. The attendance was down from the last couple of years. We ran 8A again this year. The digital and 20/80 cw stations ran 80-10 endfed antennas this year. We learned a lot about IC-7300 and N3FJP interface to FLDigi. The network was a challenge as always. RF over load on the front end of radios and changing antenna locations.setup 320x200

From year to year we find something different and make changes for the next year. This is what makes it fun and exciting to do. Designing and putting it in to operation. We used facebook and tweets this year.

GARS has exceptional people that makes it all work. This is always a group effect. I want to thank all that gave of their time and equipment to make this event possible for everyone to have FUN. We always eat well and have fun wheather on the radio or sitting around talking about the past field days. 

73, David, KA4KKF

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General License HamCram Class

General License HamCram Class
Saturday, July 22 & 29, 2017

This two day General License HamCram Class will review all the material contained on the General License Exam.  We will provide lunch both Saturdays, and the General License Exam starting at 3pm on the second Saturday.

We will be using the General License Study Guide.

1st Saturday - 8:00am to 4:00pm
2nd Saturday - 8:00am to 3:00pm
Thirty Minute Lunch Break with lunch brought in.

2nd Saturday - 3:00pm

This is a CLOSED exam session, only available to those students who signed up for the class.

Gwinnett County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
800 Hi-Hope Road, Lawrenceville
Click here for directions

*** Pre-registration is Required ***
*** There is a no refund policy for no shows ***

Fill in your name, call sign, and email address, and click "add to cart".  You will be taken to PayPal to pay for the course.  (You can use a major credit card instead of PayPal once you are there.)

$25.00 for two lunches and the exam fee.

click here to email the instructors.

Name / Call Sign
Email Address

GARS Meeting

Meeting Location 

Enter your street address and city state zip code to draw a map.

Meet second Tuesday every month except December

Monday Night Net

Monday Night Net


Monday night at 1930 local time.

GARS want, swap, sale, and information net

Know it All Net

Know-It-All Net


 GARS Know-It-All Net  This Wednesday at 8:30 pm.
This net shares Amateur Radio updates and information.


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2017 Officers

President - Mike Weathers, ND4V
Vice Pres. -Rick Cobb, N4XYY
Treasurer - Sid Weaver, N4NQ
Secretary - Leland Ford, K9SDR
Program Manager -Paul Kelley, W4KLY


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