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 2017 Programs

Jan. 10th.   Voice of America prediction software by AF4MP, Zyg Strobanskz

Feb. 14th.   EME, Electric Magnetic Pulse by AI4UD, Greg Abernathy

Mar. 14th.   Raspberry Pi applications in your ham-shack by N4BFR, Jim Reed (President of the Atalanta Radio Club)

Apr. 11th.   N4FET, Randy Farmer  Randy is a member of the team “Bombshell” from the TV-show “Battlebots”                                      (presentation not confirmed yet)

2016 Programs

Jan. 12th.  The new ICOM IC7851 in detail by KI4VXF, Will Jourdain

Feb. 9th.  Everything about Morse Code (CW) by W4KLY, Paul Kelly and NN4K, Vaden McDonald

Mar. 8th.  A peek into Radio Astronomy by K4CSO, Charles Osborne

Apr. 12th.  FlexRadio (software defined radio) by KB4KFT, Bill Perkins

May 10th.  Two small presentations: A. Possible LED problems in your shack by W4TGA, Barry Kanne    AND    B. Field-Day preparation by KA4KKF, David Adcock (remember, Field-Day will be June 25th. and 26th.)

Jun. 14th.  ICE CREAM SOCIAL in the park at Harbins Park again, 2995 Luke Edwards Road in Dacula

Jul. 12th.  Remote control your station by N4GYN, Ray Baily

Aug. 9th.  DMR (Digital Mobil Radio) by W8RED, Tom Power

Sep. 13th.  My latest DX-pedition by K4UEE, Robert Allphin

Oct. 11th.  SOTA (Summits On The Air) by KK4OSG, Ryan Kovacs

Nov. 8th.  The Massive Home-brew Show and Tell

Dec. 2nd.   GARS annual  C H R I S T M A S   P A R T Y  at 6:30 pm at the EAA Building

2015 Programs

Jan 13th.  Rick Cobb, N4XYY, GARS President will do a presentation on sounds in your shack. “The Ins and Outs of Audio”

Feb. 10th. Kyle Albritton W4KDA, will discuss “FL Digi”, and uses in your shack.

Mar. 10th. Hal Collier, W4IGE EC for Gwinnett County ARES will do a presentation on ARES in Gwinnett and how you can help.

Apr. 14th. Dr. John Kludt, K4SQC, “Introduction into Amateur Radio Satellites”

May 12th. David Adcock, KA4KKF, will present Logging, Search & Pounce in Prepaing for Field Day.

Jun. 9th.   David Adcock, KA4KKF, will present “Prepping For Field Day 2015” at Field Day Site. ICE CREAM SOCIAL (bring your chair)

Jul. 14th.  Why upgrading by ND4V, Mike Weathers and WA4ZXV, Norm Schklar

Aug. 11th.  Working half the US on 2 meter and above by K4CSO, Charles Osborne

Sep. 8th.  The SARK110 antenna analyzer by WK2Y, Bob Gerzoff

Oct. 13th.  Lightning protection and grounding by AI4UD, Greg Abernathy

Nov. 10th.  The Massive Home-brew Show and Tell

Dec. 4th.  GARS annual   C H R I S T M A S   P A R T Y

 2014 Programs

JAN   14    100 Things Every Amateur Radio Operator Should Know  by K7SZ, Rich Arland

FEB 11 “Introduction to the GARS Repeater System” by Kyle Albritton W4KDA

March 11th,  Chris Balch KS4MM, Chris has put together a very good presentation on Antenna Tower Rules, Legal Issues entitled,
“There’s more to building a tower then Guy-wire, steel and location.

APR 8     Karl Phillips, K4GZZ is an Official Observer. Karl has a great program on Repeater Etiquette.

MAY 13   Field Day operations from the novice prospective. ka4kkf,w4kda,af4fg

JUN 10    Ice cream social and Field Day, What are you doing? by David,   ka4kkf

JUL 8   KK1UAV Ludovic Francis  “First Person View, the ultimate hobby drone”

AUG 12   K4UEE Bob Allphin “FT5ZM DXpedition to
Amsterdam Island”

SEP 9    John Davis, WB4QDX “Digital Voice Modes for Amateur Radio”.

OCT 14   The Massive Homebrew Show and Tell

NOV 11  GARS Celebrating Our Heroes, Salute to our GARS Veterans, Carter Wood AG4LK will present on the Armistice Site at Compiegne Forrest near Paris where the Armistice to end active combat operations in WW1 were signed.

DEC   5  Annual Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society, Christmas Party, Great Food, Fun, Prizes, Recognition’s.


Stone Mountain Hamfest

Nov. 4-5, 2017 Sat: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sun: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Welcome to the 2017 Stone Mountain Hamfest. This is where you will find out about the hamfest; dates, forums & contests. You can also prepurchase tickets on this site at the ticket booth.

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