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11/20/2018 – Getting Started with FLDigi by David Adcock, KA4KKF

Find out what is FLDigi and learn how to get started, and how does FLDigi differ from other digital program. Bring your laptop and we will help you get it started.

Presentation Getting Started with FLDigi


10/16/2018 – Getting Started with D-RATS by John Davis, WB4QDX

Find out what is D-RATS and learn how to get started, and how does D-RATS differ from D-Star. Bring your laptop and we will help you get online with D-RATS.


09/18/2018 – Getting Started with D-Star by John Davis, WB4QDX

Find out what is D-Star and learn how to get started. If you have a D-Star HT, bring it and we will help answer your questions.

The presenter was John Davis, WB4QDX, the President of GARS. He’s also one of the architects and implementers of the Georgia statewide ARES D-STAR system.

The presentation focused on the use of D-STAR on modern radios where all you have to supply is FROM and TO.

Presentation Getting Started with D-STAR

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


08/21/2018 – Show and Tell of Various Morse Code Keys by Mac Mc Donald, NN4K

Come see and try various CW keys, and learn more about why there are so many different types and costs.


07/17/2018 – CPR and AED Training by Sandy Jackson, KJ4DRO

Learn or refresh your memory on CPR and AED usage.


06/19/2018 – Getting Started with Satellites by Ruth Willet, KM4LAO

Learn about operating satellites, what satellites are available to us, their different modes and frequencies, satellite tracking software, along with many useful tips and tricks, and the answer to that age-old question – what is AMSAT? If you have gear for working satellites, but need some help getting it all to work – Bring it! We will try our best to help you.


05/15/2018 – Getting Ready For Field Day and Computer Logging by David Adcock, KA4KKF

Learn how do use N3FJP Field Day Logging software.



04/17/2018 – Introduction to Morse Code (CW) by Mac Mc Donald, NN4K

What is Morse Code, how do I learn Morse Code, what tools (websites, programs, etc) can I use to help me learn Morse Code, and are there any classes I can take to learn Morse Code?



03/20/2018 – Overview of different Digital Modes and Digital Clients by Bill Hawkins, WR1TR

Overview of different Digital Modes and Digital Clients (software).

02/20/2018 – Getting Started with FT8 by Bill Eggers, WB2RIS

Getting started with FT8.


Presentation NOT Available, sorry…

01/16/2018 – Grid Chase and LOTW by Mike Weathers, ND4V

The January GARS Workshop was delayed due to poor weather and held on 01/30/2018.


The January GARS Workshop will be on the new ARRL International Grid Chase operating event for 2018, logging contacts electronically, getting started with LOTW (Logbook Of The World), and uploading your logged contacts to LOTW. If you want to learn more about the ARRL International Grid Chase, be sure to come. If you want to get started with LOTW, we encourage you to bring your laptop and we will help you install TQSL (LOTW interface program) and request your LOTW certificate. This presentation will be by our very own GARS President – Mike Weathers, ND4V.


12/19/2017 – No Workshop

No workshop in December. See you in January!

Happy Holidays!!!

11/21/2017 – Powerpole Connectors by Dave Bruse, W4DTR

This coming Tuesday, November 21st, will be our next GARS Workshop. This month’s Training/Mentoring Workshop will focus on Powerpole connectors. We will have a short presentation about Powerpole connectors for around 15 minutes, followed by questions and answers. Afterward, we will split up into groups and attach Powerpole connectors. If you have other ham radio related questions (not related to this month’s focus), there will be a separate group to answer them.

If you have one or more power cables for any of your radios that you would like to change over to Powerpole connectors – BRING THEM.

If you bought a Powerpole crimper and/or some Powerpole connectors, and want to learn how to use them – BRING THEM.

If you have a Powerpole crimper and are fairly proficient at attaching Powerpole connectors, and you would like to help others – PLEASE BRING THEM.

Powerpole connectors cost around $1 per connector (Red & Black housings together) for the standard PP15/30/45 types. They can be purchased locally at HRO, or online from Powerwerx. Several people will be bringing their own, so please be prepared to pay $1 per connector if you don’t have your own. We will be meeting at the EAA 690 Hangar. Doors will open at 6:30pm and the workshop will start at 7:00pm. See for more info.

2017-11-12 – Powerpole Presentation

YouTube Video – Install Powerpole Connectors

10/17/2017 – Radio Programming by John Davis, WB4QDX

This coming Tuesday, October 17th, will be our next GARS Training/Mentoring Workshop. This month’s focus will be on programming your radio(s). John, WB4QDX will give a short presentation for around 15 minutes. Then we will take some questions about radio programming followed by a decent size break. After the break, we will open it up to general ham radio questions (not specifically about radio programming).

If you have a radio that you would like help programming – BRING IT.

If you are fairly proficient programming radios and would like to help others – Please bring your laptop and programming cables to help others. You don’t have to be proficient at more than one programming software package or more than one radio manufacturer. You just need to be willing to help.

During the break, we can program radios! Hopefully there will be enough variety for each of you to see the differences between Chirp and RT Systems and the manufacturer’s programming software. (I’m sure there are others too.)

We will be meeting at the EAA 690 Hangar. Doors will open at 6:30pm and the workshop will start at 7:00pm. See for more info.

2017-10-17 – Radio Programming Presentation

09/19/2017 – Selecting Your First Radio by Ed Woodrick, WA4YIH

Our first GARS Training Workshop will be held on Tuesday, 09/19/2017. The doors will open at 6:30pm and the Training Workshop will begin at 7:00pm. For our first Training Workshop, we will start with the topic “Which radio should I get?” from our own Ed Woodrick, WA4YIH (and don’t worry, Ed can talk about things other than D-Star).

  • Japanese vs Chinese vs American Radios
  • Which band(s)
  • Which mode(s)
  • Antennas
  • Power Supplies
  • Mobile vs Fixed

We will still dedicate plenty of time at the end to allow for open discussion about anything else ham radio related, so everyone will get a chance to ask their questions regardless of the “Training Workshop Topic”.

2017-09-19 – First Radio Presentation

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