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3/9/2021 – The Art of QSL’ing (or how I learned the hard way) – Neil Foster N4FN

The Art Of QSLing with Neil Foster N4FN

Neil Foster N4FN presented; The Art of QSLing (or “How I Learned the Hard Way”). For 100 years, amateur radio operators have been exchanging QSL cards to confirm two-way radio contact between stations. In this presentation, you’ll hear about how it all works. Neil also holds the British “A” license as G0NBJ (ex G5DKW) and has been licensed since 1960. He has 12 DXCC awards and has 347 countries/entities confirmed in LoTW, Honor Roll, RSGB Commonwealth DXCC and needs only 3 for number 1 honor Roll. He has operated from 13 DX entities.

2/9/2021 – The 4-Year Amateur Radio Upgrade to ISS – John Kludt K7SYS

ARISS Interoperable Radio System By John Kludt K7SYS

There is a new radio on the ISS with crossband repeater capabilities! But we didn’t just go down the local ham radio store and buy one. How many radios have been on the ISS and how did the new one get there? Why did it take so long? What does a red LED mean to the ISS crew? That a piece of equipment is turned on? Or something else? Where are the radios on the ISS and what does the “shack photo” look like? All of these questions and more are answered as we discuss the new radio on the ISS, its capabilities, and give some tips on how best to use it.

1/12/2021 – NANO VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) Lee Johnson N4WYE

Why You Need a Nano VNA by Lee Johnson N4WYE

Lee with a BS in Electrical Engineering had a forty-year career in communication systems.  He served in; product design, engineering/marketing management roles in; digital communication systems, cellular, satellite, fiber optics, and semiconductors.  He has used more sophisticated commercial Vector Network Analyzers but when he saw the early announcements of the NanoVNA, he knew he had to have one if he wanted to construct and optimize a 49:1 transformer for his HF End Fed Half Wave antennas. He was able to get the SWR below 2:1 on all bands and the internal tuner handled the rest.

12/8/2020 – New Features of HamPi 1.2 with a demonstration – Dave Slotter W3DJS

HamPi 1.2 has just been released and Dave will demo the top 3 new features: 

  • Universal Ham Radio Remote Control (UHRR) is an open source’s answer to RigPi and I contributed to that project.
  • RpiTx – use the Raspberry Pi to transmit RF from its built-in GPIO pins.
  • New Raspberry Pi OS just released last week. Faster video playback and videoconference capabilities included CUPS Printing and more.