Officers and Committee Chairmen


P.O. Box 492531
Lawrenceville, GA 30049


President     Email Joe Biddle – AD4PZAD4PZ
Vice President     Email Jamie Burns – KX4HAKX4HA
Treasurer     Email Pam Meridy – WB1AKQ
Secretary     Email Bill Hawkins – WR1TRWR!TR
Program Manager   Email Kevin Scott – K4GTR   

Committee Chairmen and Directors


Health and Wellbeing Chairman Email  Sandy Jackson – KJ4DRO                  
Audio/Visual Chairman     Email Kyle Albritton – W4KDA w4kda
VE Testing/Team Leader     Email Dave Bruse, W4DTR w4dtr
HamCram Managers   Email HamCram Managers
Newsletter Editor   Email Bob Hoffmann, K4CQO
Membership Chairman    Email Karen Albritton, KI4HPP
Repeater Chairman     Email Eddie Foust, WD4JEM
GARS Technical / RFI Advisor  Email Steve Back, WB2OGY
Elmers (General Inquires)     Email Manager of Elmers and Mentors
Net Manager     Email Chuck McCord – KK4TKJ kk4tkj
TechFest Chairman    Email Glen Wendt – W3WWTW3WWT
Apparel Manager & Education Chairman   Email Ralph Pickwick, KJ4CNCkj4cnc
Field Day Chairman      Email David Adcock, KA4KKF ka4kkf
Webmaster    Email David Adcock, KA4KKF ka4kkf
Director      Email Director – N4XYY – Rick CobbN4XYY
Director   Email Director – Kyle Albritton – W4KDA w4kda
Director and Repeater Trustee     Email Director – WB4WTN, Bill Cherepy wb4wtn
Director   Email Director – WB4QDX, John Davis WB4QDX