Officers and Committee Chairmen


President      Email Mike Weathers, ND4V ND4V
Vice President     Email Rick Cobb N4XYY n4xyy
Treasurer     Email Sid Weaver, N4NQ n4nq
Secretary     Email Leland Ford, K9SDR k9sdr
Program Manager   Email Paul Kelley, W4KLY w4kly
Audio/Visual Chairman     Email Kyle Albritton – W4KDA w4kda
VE Testing     Email Dave Bruse, W4DTR w4dtr
HamCram Managers   Email HamCram Managers
Special Events Chairman   Email Norm Schklar, WA4ZXV wa4zxv
Newsletter Editor   Email Bill Eggers, WB2RIS wb2ris
Membership Chairman    Email Karen Albritton, KI4HPP ki4hpp
Repeater Chairman     Email Eddie Foust, WD4JEM wd4jem
Repeater Trustee     Email WB4WTN, Bill Cherepy wb4wtn
Elmers     Email Manager of Elmers and Mentors
Net Manager     Email Chuck McCord – KK4TKJ kk4tkj
Techfest Chairman    Email Neil Gilchrist w4hng
GARS Apparel    Email Ralph Pickwick kj4cnc
Field Day Chairman      Email David Adcock, KA4KKF ka4kkf
Webmaster      Email David Adcock, KA4KKF ka4kkf
Director1      Email Director – w4kda w4kda
Director2      Email Director – wa4zxv wa4zxv
Director3      Email Director – ka4kkf ka4kkf


Techfest Volunteers

TechFest is sponsored by the Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society (GARS). To Volunteer Click here and sign up. thanks and 73.
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